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Oh That's Nasty Week 4: Jose Berrios' Curve

Oh That's Nasty Week 4: Jose Berrios' Curve

After a 10 day hiatus, I'm back and here to bring you some serious nastiness courtesy of Jose Berrios and his filthy curve. 


Berrios bounced back from a rough rookie season in 2016 to have a solid sophomore campaign last year. He went 14-8 with with a 3.89 ERA -- good for second best amongst Twins starters -- and had 139 strikeouts in just 145.2 innings.

The third-year starter has had a couple rough outings against the Yankees and Mariners, but has been otherwise dominant so far this season, posting a 2-2 record with a 2.84 ERA and 36 K's in just 31.2 innings. That success is largely due to the effectiveness of his nasty curve.


The pitch has been the most effective curve in the majors so far in 2018, with over 5.5 runs saved per 100 curves thrown, per That's more than a run better than the next closest pitcher. 

While his whiff rate and BAA on the curve -- 15.2% and .215 respectively -- are worse than some of the other pitches featured in this series, that can be just as much attributed to the number of times he throws the pitch, which is almost as much as his fastball.  

Take a seat Charlie Blackmon, All-Star and batting title winner.

You too Corey Seager, 2016 NL Rookie of the Year.

calledball, catcher john ryanmurphy ejected.gif

Just look at that... Oh That's NASTY.

Making the 2017 AL MVP look silly.

Just an FYI, that pitched was called a ball, and catcher John Ryan Murphy got tossed arguing it. But whether they be called strikes or not, Berrios' curve is so nasty even his catcher can't handle it. 

Twins faithful might be looking at a future ace if Berrios can keep progressing and focus in on his location, and they'll need him to be in top form if they want to compete for a wild card spot again this season.


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